Avian Flu in China can spread between human?

Although World Health Organization (WHO) said that Avian Flu in China can't directly spread between human, but the researcher think it possible to happening. It's because gen from H7N9 virus is a triple reassortant which is combining virus from three kind of Avian Flu in Asian. One of to be fathomed is from Brambling bird, a wild small bird.

As for it, the result was compared by Dutch and China researcher. They compare many data from the H7N9 virus with H7N7 virus in Dutch, 2003. Beside that, they also compare it with  Avian Flu H7N1 in Italy, 2000.

The result of the studies said that avian flu that happened in China has to be found the main genetic, so it can be detected effectively. And also to prevent the risk to human. WHO remains on their fact that H7N9 can't spread between human directly. But three sample from China conclude that H7N9 virus has the ability to change and mutation, so it possible to spread between human in the future.


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