Lemonade can preventing Kidney's stone

There's many way to keep your body health and free from the kidney's stone risk. Beside drink enough water, you can preventing kidney's stone by consuming specific nutrient.

Kidney's stones are a mass that form in gallbladder and causing stoppage. This stoppage trigger pain or difficulty when urinating. This condition are caused by lack of liquid or other nutrient in our body.

Tips To preventing Kidney's stone

1. Reduce eating a product that containing high oxalate substance, such as soda, ice tea, chocolate, strawberry, and peanuts.
2. Reduce caffeine. Caffeine cause dehydration.
3. Lemonade can preventing the kidney's stone risk
4. Check your daily protein diet that based to animal such as meat, egg and fish. These foods contain purine, a natural substances that can metabolism or untangle acid substance.
5. Eating more vegetables and fruits cause it keep our body water level.


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