Anger Management for Diabetes

Diabetes usually come because bad diet or too much sweet food. But according a new study that diabetes risk can be caused by bad temper. In other word that difficulty to emotion control can lead to diabetes. This study has been published in Journal of Behavioral Medicine.

"In this study, people who lose their temper is more susceptible having insulin resistant than people who keep calm in certain situation" Researcher, Vera Tsenkova, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health.

"Bad temper can increasing bad hormone performance that can block sugar control process. The effect is people who have bad temper will have diabetes risk more higher than patient people"

But the risk of diabetes can't be avoid only by holding your temper, you must have good and balancing with physical exercises.


  1. Diabetes is a very tough disease to care for. You have to make huge changes in your diet and also carefully monitor and maintain your disease.If the level of diabetes increases day by day it may cause lots of other diseases also.

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