Avian Flu in China can spread between human?

Although World Health Organization (WHO) said that Avian Flu in China can't directly spread between human, but the researcher think it possible to happening. It's because gen from H7N9 virus is a triple reassortant which is combining virus from three kind of Avian Flu in Asian. One of to be fathomed is from Brambling bird, a wild small bird.

As for it, the result was compared by Dutch and China researcher. They compare many data from the H7N9 virus with H7N7 virus in Dutch, 2003. Beside that, they also compare it with  Avian Flu H7N1 in Italy, 2000.

The result of the studies said that avian flu that happened in China has to be found the main genetic, so it can be detected effectively. And also to prevent the risk to human. WHO remains on their fact that H7N9 can't spread between human directly. But three sample from China conclude that H7N9 virus has the ability to change and mutation, so it possible to spread between human in the future.

Working in high temperature will lead to kidney's stone

People who are working in high temperature condition has to aware. Studies said that there are connection between kidney's stone with high temperature conditions. It's because people will lost more water when working in hot condition. We have to replace the lost liquid with drinking water, lack water make urine has high concentrated and increasing the risk of kidney's stone.

To preventing the kidney's stone, we have to make sure we drink enough water, especially when we work in high temperature condition. 2,5 lt of water is en
ough to replacing the body needs of water.

Lemonade can preventing Kidney's stone

There's many way to keep your body health and free from the kidney's stone risk. Beside drink enough water, you can preventing kidney's stone by consuming specific nutrient.

Kidney's stones are a mass that form in gallbladder and causing stoppage. This stoppage trigger pain or difficulty when urinating. This condition are caused by lack of liquid or other nutrient in our body.

Tips To preventing Kidney's stone

1. Reduce eating a product that containing high oxalate substance, such as soda, ice tea, chocolate, strawberry, and peanuts.
2. Reduce caffeine. Caffeine cause dehydration.
3. Lemonade can preventing the kidney's stone risk
4. Check your daily protein diet that based to animal such as meat, egg and fish. These foods contain purine, a natural substances that can metabolism or untangle acid substance.
5. Eating more vegetables and fruits cause it keep our body water level.

Reduce Alzheimer Risk with this drink

Do you want to keep your memory until your old and free from Alzheimer? There is a simple way to do it. Drink green tea once a day can reduce Alzheimer risk. It because the green tea has antioxidant that keep safe our brain function. Beside of that, it will prevent damage of our neurons cell in the brain.

"Alzheimer is caused by a damage cell in brain neurons.  a natural antioxidant that contain in green tea can giving protection to our brain, so it can reduce the risk of brain damage" Mi Hee Lim, Ph.D, the researcher of this studied. His studied can be found in Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.

They are believing that consuming green tea habit when a young age can preventing the cell damage on brain. These cell damage can reducing our memory when we get old. So drink green tea right now if you cared about your brain.

Rapper Lil Wayne admit had epilepsy

Since many year, Rapper Lil Wayne have convulsive seizures. This condition because he had epilepsy.

30 years old rapper admitted had epilepsy that cause his health weaken. This confession was admitte by him in interview at Radio Power 106 Station, Los Angeles.

"This not the first time. I often got convulsive seizures but you never hear about this" lil Wayne.

He felt his condition more fester, it because he got convulsive seizures three times a row.

"after the third time, i felt like my heart drop 30%. Basically, i could die because this disease"

According to him, convulsive seizures is affect of his stress and lack of rest because he's often to overtime, not because drinking such as cocktail.

This week, Wayne released his 10th album "I Am Not a Human Being II". His real name Dwayne Michael Carter Jr, work together with others rapper, which are T.I. and Future will launch tour 40 city in July.

Why each people has different disease risk?

Until now, researchers still study why one person have different speed of aging or why someone can having a heart disease or cancer but not with other person. It seem that this not only about their lifestyle.

Recent studies in England found new fact and confirmed that telomeres or DNA part that found in the end of chromosome (it duty to protect the chromosome) is the cause of that condition.

After doing studies in eight countries, studying DNA and telomeres from 48,000 people, researcher has succeed identification the seven genetic variant which are involved with telomeres length. Then they tested again the telomeres to make sure that this variants can increased someone risk for get certain diseases.

The result is that there were a connection between this genetic variant to the health disorder, such as multiple sclerosis, celiac disease and some of cancer, including colon cancer. And the most shocking is that they found the connection between this genetic variant with coronary artery disease.

"This finding is very please. Before of this study, we have proved that short telomeres length can be connected with the risk of coronary artery disease, although we not sure that this connection causal or not. Eventually, this study proved that aging has important part for causing coronary artery disease" Chief of research team, Nilesh Samani, M.D. Professor of Cardiology from University of Leicester, England.

"with other word that this study gave new perspective about disease and at least it can be the reason why some patients got it more early that other patients."

Researchers hoped that what they found and have been published in Journal Nature Genetics can pushing other studies related to getting health benefit by manipulating the telemores length. Who know that someday a team of doctors can modificated telomeres to slowing or preventing the body transformation because of aging process.

Richard Cawthon, M.D., Ph.D. which is learning an aging process from university of Utah, U.S. He assume that this study can made people realize how important the aging process.

Anger Management for Diabetes

Diabetes usually come because bad diet or too much sweet food. But according a new study that diabetes risk can be caused by bad temper. In other word that difficulty to emotion control can lead to diabetes. This study has been published in Journal of Behavioral Medicine.

"In this study, people who lose their temper is more susceptible having insulin resistant than people who keep calm in certain situation" Researcher, Vera Tsenkova, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health.

"Bad temper can increasing bad hormone performance that can block sugar control process. The effect is people who have bad temper will have diabetes risk more higher than patient people"

But the risk of diabetes can't be avoid only by holding your temper, you must have good and balancing with physical exercises.